The origin of Jubokko comes from Japanese culture of deities called YoKai. Mysterious creatures of

old times, where there was no explanation other then the stories of these creatures.

During great battles, war always brought death. Trees would fall witness to all kinds of blood shed

spilt on the battlefield. The blood would soak into the roots of many of these trees, leaving them

thirsty riddled with hungry to consume more. Waiting day and night for someone to wander into

their grasp or to take a nap under they’re leaf’s would fall victim to the Jubokko tree.

Jubokko’s music engages in all monstrous tones from atmosphere, synths, sounds from beginning

to end. Telling stories, reading stories has always been a favorite passion of mine. From

mythology, Greek, cave writings, all of it just keeps us on a trail to figuring out our fortune in this

life. Even through death we stand in the end. The Jubokko project takes on many forms EDM

genres including Deep Dub, DNB, House, Riddim, Heavy Dubstep, and Experimental Bass. Through

the years he has showcased his sound for countless Touring acts and shows such as, Blunts n

Blonds, Bear Grillz, Figure, Kai Wachi, Sub Docta, Sully, Mystic Grizzly, Ill Gates, Khiva, Vibe

Emissions, Jansen, Boogie T, Illanthropy, Ahee, Dodge and Fuski and many more.